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We have manual stamping facilities up to 250 tonne, with a maximum bed size of 1625 x 1220mm.

We produce a huge variety of low and medium volume pressed parts, as well as performing post operation processes on parts produced from progression processes. Materials range from standard ferrous and non-ferrous to high strength automotive steels and hard stainless steel. We can work with any material thickness within our tonnage range, our thickest currently being 12mm mild.

Progression Stamping

We have progressive stamping facilities up to 150 tonne, with a maximum bed size of 1170 x 600mm.

We produce medium and high volume parts on our coil-fed progression presses. Quick die change and lean manufacturing principles help to ensure that we are able to offer the most competitive costs for quality parts. We command a deep understanding of progression manufacturing processes, and we work with our customers during part development to ensure part feasibility and stable process proposals.

Bar and Wire Forming

We produce bar and wire forms using our presses and special purpose tools. 

Our parts are used in a number of safety critical applications in the automotive industry, where a sharp end condition is a prime concern during airbag deployment.

We press bar up to 12.5mm thick, mainly for the automotive industry. Many of our wireforms are child parts for our larger assemblies, and are later welded onto larger pressings.