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CAD Systems

Part Simulation

We have comprehensive CAD skills and software, and the capability to design or modify parts and assemblies. Change or improvement proposals are clearly presented when required, and we generate proven tooling processes with analysis at the quotation stage, identifying any concerns with part design and feasibility before the manufacture of production tooling. 

We can handle the following file types:

  • CATIA V6/V5/V4



  • VDA


  • DXF & DWG




  • STL

progression tool
metal stamping
metal stamping
metal stamping

Part simulation and blank generation is an important part of our feasibility and cost analysis. Blank generation allows us to create tooling processes with very accurate material estimates, resulting in cost savings that enable us to be more competitive. Part forming simulation, thinning analysis, and stress analysis allows us to create robust tooling concepts and identify any feasibility issues before production tooling is considered.

pressed part simulation
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