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Press Tooling

Our press tooling is sourced from a small number of suppliers (both local and in Low Cost Countries) whom we have built very strong relationships with. Our tools are subject to design reviews, quality review activities and line trials before final buyoff.

Our Total Productive Maintenance system ensures that tool performance is tracked and preventative maintenance performed accordingly, with spares carried as stock and CAD catalogues kept on our IT systems for quick manufacture of replacement parts. This keeps tool downtime to a minimum and eliminates the risk of unexpected issues. Tools are fitted with protection sensors where appropriate.

stamping die
stamping die
stamping die

Production Environment & Capacity Planning

Our computerised production and capacity management systems ensure that we are are always on-time with our production. Factors such as customer demand, manufacturing lead time, stock levels and logistics are considered.

We build high levels of automation into our processes, and embrace the principles of 5S & Kaizen throughout our company. Production operates efficiently and effectively, and we are continually striving for further productivity.

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