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We provide welding services suited to automotive assemblies, including spot/projection (up to 300 KVA) and robotic MiG welding. We utilise our rotary welding tables where required, and maintain our jigs and fixtures in our toolroom. We also have macro testing facilities to support weld quality.

Welding jigs are sourced from a trusted few suppliers, nominated on their size and application, and are subject to CAD reviews prior to manufacture. A full CAD catalogue is kept for all jigs (and also for checking fixtures and tooling), allowing us to draw upon previous designs for improvement of future processes or to replace consumable parts easily.

welded assembly
welded assembly
welde assembly
welded assembly

Mechanical Assemblies

We make a number of mechanical assemblies that combine welding with special assembly processes, enabling us to manufacture functional assembled parts.

Special purpose machinery can be sourced from our existing suppliers for new projects, and we can provide batch-code sequence tracing as required. 

Final Operation & Finishing

We have a number of additional in-house production processes that compliment our core facilities, including:​

  • Automated tapping.

  • ​Stud pressing.

  • Hand work and assembly.

  • Drilling, grinding, milling and sawing.

All other required finishing, such as painting, plating and coating, is available through our trusted local supply base.

painted part
polished part
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