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CMM Measurement

With our CNC controlled CMM we are able to measure 2D geometric dimensions and/or 3D surface points from CAD models and generate single or batch reports.

Our maximum measurement volume is 480 x 650 x 280 (Z), and we have a variety of different styli to fit our multi-axis probe.

cmm report
cmm measuring

Jigs & Checking Fixtures

Our checking fixtures and assembly and special purpose jigs are sourced from approved trusted suppliers.

Manufactured in accordance with our specifications, checking fixtures are designed to replicate the final CMM measurement strategy of the parts and are often used during part development by our tool suppliers. The fixtures are dimensionally verified both by our suppliers and internally.

checking fixture
checking fixture

100% Inspection & Poke Yoke Systems

We can engineer bespoke solutions for 100% checking of critical products, which can be included within the manufacturing process or as a post-manufacturing operation.

Vision verification systems as well as mechanical checking systems can be considered to suit customer requirements.

poke yoke
poke yoke


We are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001, and have been for over 20 years.

NQA 2021.jpg
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